MusiqMatch's creation & mission

Chloe-Anne Touma, Founder

Mission : MusiqMatch promotes and showcases all types of music, mixed languages and diversity of cultures, generations and arts. It aims to make the musical industry as well as the media landscape more inclusive of diversity and up-and-coming talent.

Creation : Created in 2018 by music producer & composer Chloe-Anne Touma a.k.a “Lady Monarkey,” MusiqMatch emobodies both the service-providing and the managing aspects as it is both a studio and a record label. MusiqMatch is devoted to launching the career of promising artists and highlighting local emerging talent, all the while encouraging international collaboration and cultural exchange. Teaming up with great partners from Canada and abroad, MusiqMatch helps making local music known beyond national borders by producing and promoting through original music videos and the radio. 

MusiqMatch STUDIO

Studio-related services such as music production and recording sessions are offered to anybody looking for sound engineering help in taking their musical project to the next level.


Proud of its select group of talents, MusiqMatch produces, manages and promotes the music of talented performers and creators whom it has chosen to sign and represent, but without having them bound by a loyalty agreement. It allows for artists to preserve their independence when it comes to creating, signing and licensing new music with potentially new collaborators, without involving any breach of contract. As a creator herself, the founder of MusiqMatch believes in making sure the artists’ integrity and career path are not compromised, while still providing them with all the essential tools that will help make their art blossom.